5 tips to get the Restoration Hardware look

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Since moving to the U.S. I’ve fallen in love with Restoration Hardware. Every time I see one of their images online or walk into one of their stores it warms my heart. I know, a big reaction, but to me this is perfect design, just like when you see a beautiful natural view or an impressive painting.

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware

So I tried to put my finger on why I love it so much, and to figure out how I could recreate that look. Here’s how I deconstructed it…


I noticed that in all the images I loved, everything was symmetrical. I learned that symmetry in a design gives a feeling of formality and grandeur. So pro tip, arrange your furniture around a central feature and make sure everything mirrors.

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware


I also began to notice that everything is very monotone in color, I.E. everything is of the same tone. They tend to use darker colors on the walls, a warm grey / brown. This helps to create a cozy atmosphere and makes the lighter furniture stand out.

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware


Although there’s no color in the fabrics, furniture or wall color, they add hints of green with the use of plants. Simple topiaries or maybe a white a orchid, which also adds to the classic feel.

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Mixing old and new:

Restoration Hardware are expert at mixing old and new. Through classically designed tufted sofas, French casement cabinets and balustrade coffee tables. And even in their artwork, with prints of classical architecture and old maps. They juxtapose this against modern simple lines for a perfect balance of richness and interest in the design. So my fourth pro tip is to mix old and new. Try a modern coffee table and a tufted sofa to recreate this look.

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware


Restoration Hardware have some impressive light fixtures and accessories. They add interest in what could otherwise be a drab room, by using mirrors, crystal chandeliers and tall lamps. This is like adding the jewelry to a simple and classic outfit. It has the ability to completely change the look of the room. So instead of adding a plain light fixture, chose one with a bit of sparkle to elevate the room to the next level.

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware

I hope these tips have helped you figure out how to get this look in your own home. If like me, you don’t have a Restoration Hardware sized budget, you might want to read my next blog to see how I re-created this look for less: ‘How to get the Restoration Hardware look for less.’

Thanks for reading!

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