10 Things I’m Grateful For


My makeshift office in the TV room – not too shabby!

Well this week has been a strange one hasn’t it!? I keep walking round feeling like I’m in a dream or something; something being one of those end-of-the-world type movies! My husband and I have once or twice referenced ‘I Am Legend’ (DON’T watch it if you haven’t already – super scary!) Whilst it is very easy to go into full panic mode, spiraling downwards in a nosedive to a place of deep depression and anxiety, I want to stop you for a minute to recognize all those things you can be grateful for in these uncertain times. To start you off, here are some of mine, make sure to keep reading to number ten it’s a good one!

  1. Nature: I’m fortunate enough to live in a place where wild turkeys, squirrels and deer frequent. And where those damn turkeys used to annoy me with their loud gobbling, i’m now thankful for seeing another living creature outside my makeshift office window.

    Our backyard / garden – North Oaks, Minnesota
  2. Fresh air: I’m extremely thankful that ‘self isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ doesn’t mean not ever leaving the house. My husband and I have been taking walks or bike rides every day since we began to social distance, and the fresh air feels amazing. It does you no good to stay indoors all day looking at the same four walls. I highly recommend getting some fresh air.
  3. Spending more time with my husband: We had a brief adjustment period, whereby I had to set up a makeshift office in our downstairs bedroom / TV room at the other end of the house (he has a loud voice!) But it’s been great to have our lunch hours together again, and have an extra hour together every day as we lose the commute.
  4. Not throwing stuff away: I’m also thankful that I’m terrible at throwing stuff away. We’ve been storing an old desk in our basement now for a few years, meaning to get around to selling it one day. I’m so thankful we never managed to get around to it, as now I have an actual desk to sit at for the next few weeks!
  5. Dogs: I love working from home anyway, not only do I usually get more done, but I also love my work companions – Molly and Phoebe. Dogs are great company and also give you a reason to go and get that fresh air every day.

    Molly and Phoebe chilling out in the sun
  6. Video calls: I don’t know about anyone else, but I have loved the fact that this new norm of working from home means people are trying out new technologies, like video conferencing. I loved seeing who my colleagues really are, in how they decorate their homes, what they wear at home (I’ve seen a lot of sweat pants and baseball caps!) and who interrupts them – kids, dogs, cats etc. I think it has brought us all together as human beings rather than just work colleagues.
  7. Outdoor exercise not being cancelled: One bit of normalcy I am very grateful for, is that I can still go and ride my horse Gucci. It’s outdoors, there are very few people there and it’s already dirty and full of germs anyway, so we’re used to not touching our faces after potentially having horse poop on our hands!

    Me and Gucci at the stables
  8. Social media: I had started to use Facebook less and less over the past year or so, for all of the negative reasons associated with it. But this last week I have used it more and it’s been a great way to keep in touch with friends, who I now can’t see.
  9. Friends: And on the subject of friends, I am very grateful for having such an awesome group of friends. This week some of us haven’t been doing so well, and at times, I haven’t either (only child of high-risk parents 4000 miles away in the UK). But our friends have been the ones helping us through these tough times. Whether it’s offering to deliver food, or just offering to have a video call to cheer someone up. It’s these small things that keep us going and keep us out of the dark places we sometimes find ourselves in. Try making someone’s day today with even just a small gesture. It’ll make them feel better, and you’ll feel great too.
  10. No zombies: And lastly, I am extremely grateful that we are not living in a real life version of ‘I Am Legend’, and there are no zombies outside our house waiting to get us!

This blog post wasn’t at all to do with my usual subject of interior design, but in these strange and un-chartered times we now find ourselves in, interior design doesn’t seem quite as important.

Leave a comment below about what you’re grateful for, I’d love to hear them.

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mum’s in the UK. Try and enjoy it as best you can.

Stay safe!

Jo (aka Britflipper and zombie apocalypse survivor)



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