IKEA Hack: Luxe For Less Bathroom Makeover

The final room to renovate in our 1969 Prairie style renovation was the family bathroom. It was ugly, dated and very green. For our master bathroom we took an IKEA Godmorgon vanity and did an IKEA hack on it using oak live edge. It kept the cost down, made something unique and we loved it. So it was natural to do another IKEA hack on a Godmorgon vanity in our family bathroom. This one was a little different though…

Bathroom before

The bathroom before was very green, and very dated. It was original to the house, except for the new grey door that we hung. The toilet area had a small pony wall, which had to go. And the bath was so shallow you could never have a decent soak in a bubble bath, which we both love to do. And even though it’s a decent sized bathroom, it felt small and cramped with the oversized vanity.

The new bathroom is lighter more modern and fresh. I wanted to use very natural colors and textures and keep everything light and airy with white tile and off-white paint.

IKEA hack with Godmorgon vanity

The vanity reflects the light with white high gloss from IKEA Godmorgon. To upgrade it to something unique and more luxe we added a waterfall countertop in quartz for this IKEA hack. This may sound expensive, but we chose remnants from a local store. TIP: Given that a bathroom vanity is relatively small compared to a full kitchen, it’s easy to find quartz remnants that fit. The extra waterfall sides just add that extra wow factor, and turn something everyday into something special and unique.

Kraus sink
IKEA hack with quartz

We chose a textured sink from Kraus to add more interest to the bathroom. It has a subtle wave pattern which ties in with the wave tiles we used in the bath niches. TIP: If you’re using all white, it’s good to add texture to add some interest, otherwise an all white room can look a little flat and boring.

The mirror adds the obligatory element of glam. If you’ve seen my other room makeovers, like the kitchen or master bathroom, you’ll know I love to add a bit of glam. I love this mirror from Lamps Plus with all the angles, it looks so glamorous yet still modern. My husband actually surprised me with it. I really wanted to buy it, but I was trying to stick to a tight budget of under $6000 for the entire bathroom renovation. I was going to buy a simple round mirror from IKEA instead, which would’ve looked good too, but definitely not as wow. The Griffin mirror at $330 is expensive, but I’m so glad we got it as it really does make a statement. (Thanks hubbie!)


We kept cost down by opting for a simple white subway tile from Lowes, and adding interest by opting for the coordinating wave tile inside the niches. We also got the floor tiles from Lowes on clearance. They were about 50c per sqft and I love the color of them. I wanted something that resembled concrete for a modern look, and these were perfect and a bargain!

The bath was from Home Depot and I love how simple it is. Most alcove bathtubs I found had some sort of shape to their panel, which I think looks old fashioned. I wanted a really simple clean modern look so opted for the Grayley bathtub by Wyndham Collection.

Modern white bathroom

Another thing that’s really important to add warmth to an all-white room is to use wood tones. We added a feature wall behind the vanity in the same flooring that we used on our vacation rental. It’s 100% waterproof and can be installed vertically, so was a great option from LL Flooring.

White and wood bathroom

I’m in love with the teak towel rack from Signature Hardware. This was probably the biggest splurge in the bathroom (after the mirror) as far as cost. At $168 it was definitely one of the more expensive towel racks we could’ve chosen, but the teak wood just ties everything in so nicely and adds oodles of warmth to the room and gives it a true spa-like feel. A chrome towel rack just wouldn’t have had the same effect.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the final renovation of our 1960’s Prairie style home renovation. I challenged myself to renovate this last bathroom entirely on my own (except for the plumbing) and I did it! It was so rewarding to learn how to hang, tape and skim dry wall, and how to prepare and waterproof the shower area. This renovation literally came down to the studs, which is why $6000 sounds like a lot, but that was to rebuild the entire room from scratch using professional plumbers. If you want to see how to do this yourself, stay tuned for more blog posts on that. You can subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss them.

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