The Ultimate Airbnb Set-Up List

Following on from my previous post on Vacation Rental Business – 6 Tips For Success I had a new host ask me what my ultimate Airbnb set-up list was, and how they could access it. I only had a combination of private Amazon wish list, spreadsheet and notes list at the time, so I committed to making a true public list that I could share with other newby hosts.

This list contains 150+ items of everything you’ll need and more, to easily add to your Amazon shopping cart. It will literally save you HOURS of searching for products, and then forgetting things. (Like I did!)

This list covers everything from kitchen essentials to bathroom products, cleaning closet essentials, linens, toys, games, things for dogs and kids. And it’s all available from Amazon so it’s incredibly easy to add to your cart and wait for the delivery.

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After setting up our first vacation rental on Airbnb and VRBO last year, we learned a lot about what we needed to buy, what we didn’t and how to streamline the process. One thing I learned was that buying everything from one store (ideally) makes life so much easier. Amazon is a great choice, as it’s easy to see what you ordered, the invoicing is great for accounting, and everything ships free (with Prime) in just a few days.

The list contains items that are aimed at a mid-market target audience, so contains good quality modern designs and products that will appeal to this market. I’ll be keeping the list evergreen as I find new items to add, and products i’ve tested and liked. So check back regularly and add what you like to your Amazon lists. Click the link below to find the ultimate Airbnb set-up list!


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The ultimate Airbnb set-up list

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