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  • Elements and principles of design

    Elements and principles of design

    Elements of Design The elements of design are: space, line, shape, color, light, texture and pattern. Space refers to the volume of the room that you have to work with, not just the floor space, but also the height of the ceilings. Line is the visual nature of the elements working within the space and…

  • I finally did it!

    I finally did it!

    I’ve been deliberating now for a while about doing a course in Interior Design. When I say ‘a while’ I mean about sixteen years! As I left high school and was considering what degree to choose, I deliberated about doing a degree in Interior Design, but after much back and forth I opted to study…

  • Why Country?

    Why Country?

    You may be wondering “why country?” There are so many design styles out there, and yes I do love a very many of them. But for me country is who I am and what I grew up with. It’s home.