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  • 5 Styling Secrets For A Boho Outdoor Space

    5 Styling Secrets For A Boho Outdoor Space

    I love the coziness Boho style brings to an outdoor space. With its almost tropical feel, it can bring the vacation vibe to your patio or screen porch without you ever having to leave home. Let’s face it, who isn’t dreaming of a tropical beach vacation right now? Boho style isn’t as easy as it…

  • How To Makeover a Cane Chair

    How To Makeover a Cane Chair

    In this blog post, I wanted to inspire you with how easily and affordably you can makeover a cane chair, or any chair for that matter. All it takes is some paint, some fabric and some time. What You’ll Need: For this ‘how to guide’ I used spray paint and regular acrylic paint, however you…

  • Best DIY Accent Walls

    Best DIY Accent Walls

    You may have wondered how to add some interest to your room when you sit staring at those bland four walls. You could add art, which is a great idea, or you could create more of an impact with an accent wall. However, accent walls can be expensive, and difficult to install. So what are…