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  • Modern or Traditional Cabins?

    Modern or Traditional Cabins?

    As the temperatures start to rise in the Midwest and winter finally starts to release its tight grip, people start dreaming of being at their cabins. But with the current pandemic and stay at home orders it’s not possible right now to travel. So why not use this time to start planning a cabin makeover…

  • Using color and texture to bring the inside out

    Using color and texture to bring the inside out

    We had our first taste of 80F+ weather here in Minnesota this week and it’s got me thinking about our deck and indoor / outdoor living. When our kitchen finally gets finished I want the deck off the kitchen to feel like an extension of this room. Now I’m about as un-green-fingered as they come,…

  • TV Room Make-Over: Part 3

    TV Room Make-Over: Part 3

    If this hadn’t have been Part Three of a series of blogs, I would’ve entitled this one “Peel and Stick Wallpaper – Divorce Material!” Neither me or my husband had ever hung wallpaper before. Friends had told me in the past how easy it is to do. Turns out, they were lying. I’m the kind…